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Welcome to GreenMead !

GreenMead brings you the most technologically advanced and the most affordable range of synthetic grass products that can be put to a variety of uses ranging from athletic tracks to playgrounds to golf putting greens to garden lawns. Incorporating the latest technology in every aspect of design, manufacturing, and installation, GreenMead brings you the most durable and desirable turfing solution that you’ve always wanted without burning a hole in your pocket.


Product Features

Manufactured using soft, polyethylene yarn blades and polypropylene thatch, GreenMead is the perfect green lawn solution. Superior nylon grass blade construction ensures outstanding durability even in the most demanding conditions such as playgrounds, athletic tracks, and putting greens, while providing lush, natural appearance, and enhanced dimensional stability. It stays stable in all climates, and does not require any maintenance whatsoever. Subtle multi-colored green grass blades enhance the natural appearance, creating realistic looking grass that feels surprisingly soft and luxurious on your bare feet.

UV Resistant

Non Toxic

Sustainable Climate

Chlorine Resistant

Non Flammable

100% Recyclables

Why you should choose us

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Independent Venture

Greenmead is an independent venture in the field of artificial grass development with more than 10 years of experience.

High Quality

We make use of technologically advanced nylon grass blade construction that enhances the durability of the artificial grass. For same reason, Greenmead artificial grass can be installed in highly demanding environments irrespective of the climatic condition.

Local Impact

We have installed artificial turf for lawns, playgrounds, construction sites in and around Kochi.

Simple Pricing

Greenmead provides the most durable, lush-green, natural-looking and moreover very affordable artificial grass available in the market.


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